# The Handsfree Browser Extension

🚨 This project is still in development

This Chrome Extension is open sourced at: https://github.com/midiblocks/handsfree-browser (opens new window)

The Handsfree Browser Extension will be a userscript manager (opens new window) like Tampermonkey (opens new window) but for the purposes of handsfree-ifying websites, including emulating WebXR devices in the browser. Each page by default will get either Face Pointers or Palm Pointers, but can be extended for custom gestures as in this selection:

# Handsfree WebXR

A Chrome Extension that emulates WebXR hardware with computer vision, helping you work on your XR experiences handsfree!

# #100DaysHandsfree

The goal of #100DaysHandsfree (opens new window) is to implement Handsfree.js in as wide a range of sites, web games, and web apps as possible. Each day or so I'll be handsfree-ifying a different website, which you can track below:

Last Updated: 1/25/2021, 11:30:07 AM