# Finger Pointer Playground

Try it

  • Point at the screen to move the pointer 👆
  • With palm towards screen 🖐, move hand up and down to scroll

The finger pointer estimates a ray from your index/pointer finger onto the screen. It positions a pointer there and you can use the calculated values to all sorts of things which we'll explore!

const handsfree = new Handsfree({hand: true})

// Where on the screen to position the pointer

# Plugins used

  • fingerPointer - calculates and positions a pointer on the screen
  • palmScroll - scrolls the window or active scroll area

# Scroll focus

# Calibrating

⌚ More info coming soon

# Changing scroll speed

⌚ More info coming soon

# Changing other properties

⌚ More info coming soon

# Extending the Face Pointer

⌚ More info coming soon

# Contributing

⌚ More info coming soon