# About Handsfree.js.org

# Master Plan

  1. Create a library that makes face, hand, eye, and pose tracking and voice and mind control easy to use
  2. Use the library to build a repository of custom handsfree plugins, components, and gestures
  3. Use the repository to seed a "user script manager" to power a handsfree browser extension
  4. Grow a community of handsfree users and developers around the library and repository
  5. Start "The Handsfree Foundation" to promote creative expression

# Special Thanks

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# Changelog

Date Version Description
2020-01-18 8.2.2 Adds new palmPointers plugin and updates the pinchScroll plugin to support all hands. Also adds a new /boilerplate/cdn/pinch-scrolling.html
2020-01-13 8.2.1 Adds new normalized helper: handsfree.data.handpose.normalized. These [x, y, z] are similar to .handpose.landmarks but normalized between [0, 1]
2020-01-06 8.2.0 Adds TensorFlow Handpose including a basic THREE boilerplate remixed from @LingDong-'s handpose-facemesh-demos (opens new window), and a fingertip raycaster
2020-01-01 8.1.2 Fixes Face Pointer offsets, which was causing the pointer to assume you were facing straight up 😆
2020-12-31 8.1.1 Adds pinchers Plugin for easily working with finger pinches through events, new properties, and styles
2020-12-30 8.1.0 Adds .showDebugger(), .hideDebugger(), and helper classes. Renames feedback to debugger
2020-12-29 8.0.10 Fixes a bug where handsfree.debug.$video had 0 width and height; Fixed issue where the webcam feed was not showing behind model wireframes when handsfree.config.showDebug === true
2020-12-28 8.0.9 Adds isClient Mode for remote inference. .runPlugins() .TweenMax(), .throttle(), reduced filesize by 80kb+
2020-12-22 8.0.7 Adds handsfree.model.weboji.isDetected